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About us

Hello there,

I'm so glad you are here. I'm Grace, mother to a very active toddler named Harrison. I've always found it easier to go out and about with him than just staying at home. I loved how he would explore and learn new things. Being the over-prepared mom, I had to carry lots in my bag including milk, snacks, extra clothing and toys. Oh and 6+ diapers plus wipes? Yeah. It was a lot of stuff.

However, I never found a bag that I quite liked. I was always looking for things and wished my bags could somehow be more organized! So after going through 5 different bags I found my dream bag, Ann Medeline. 

The bags were all thermal which I loved for my baby's milk. This super cute bag was also very functional with TONS of pockets and it was so roomy. I could carry it as a slide sling or as a back pack style. There was just so much that I loved about this bag. I knew that I needed to share it with you and all the mamas out there. 

Thanks for coming and being a part of my dream!